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Repairs for England: Chipping Sodbury & Kingswood
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We no longer repair IT devices. We have handed over our customer base and services for repairs to MPRC based in Kingswood, Bristol and Chipping Sodbury.

Our services now consist of Web & Media Design. This website will also eventually become a resource base for IT enthusiasts and builders of computers.
Our services

    • Website Design
    • Web media authoring
    • Social media integration

BGA rework & soldering
The replacement of certain chips on devices like phones & tablets

Micro smd/smt soldering requiring the use of microscopes and specialist tools.

PCpetes Blog Article
Data Recovery
Why it's not always cheap to get your data recovered.
Published by Pete Hopkins - 18/5/2019
Your well-designed website
We design, build and maintain websites with a refreshing attitude towards keeping things easy and affordable.
Published by Pete Hopkins - 1/5/2019
Always backup your data
Backup & be safe! Keep regular backups of your computers user data. We explain why and how easy it is to be caught out...
Published by Pete Hopkins - 18/4/2019
Proper Tools & Procedures

This machine is a good example of the tools needed to do complex soldering on circuit boards.

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