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Our well to do web sites

Published by in Web Design · 29 May 2019
There are many Web Design services out there for wamm bamm web sites,
that sparkle and sing songs, but not many designers are covering the design & build plus Hosting & Maintenance with affordable simple and easy to work with design approach.  
We chose to build 8 packages that can be used with the 4 most common and prooved page layouts. These packages are simple to follow and work with. We don't cut down on sie performence or S.E.O just because we have a best-budget approach..

All our pre set design packages are fast and reliable with good design and maintenace plans and we help to get your web site seen and moving forward.

what are the most common concerns when buying a web design service?

  • What do I have to supply for the build process and how do I do it.
    We  email you a step-by-step guide at the start of a package which has advice and guidance.  
  • How much will it cost each time I want to update the site.
  • Can I do my own site edits and updates
  • Can I have the site on my own hosting service
  • Are there any hidden cost's or fee's
  • How long does the whole process take

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