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Website   Layout Options
Bellow you can see our most used layouts for page design. You have a very wide choice on what you can put in each section of these layouts, and in some cases have different layouts for other pages, but it is recommended to keep your site as uniformed and familiar to the visitor as possible.

All our designs are Responsive designs that will work on mobile devices.
Layout - 1
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This Layout is very common on the internet and is well tried and tested as one of the best in keeping visitors serviced with well organized navigation and uniformed layout helping the visitor use and navigate the site easily.

Maximum 1800 pixel page hight (about 2 screens high)
Layout - 2
Request a pack for 4-Page layout of site.
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This layout is one of the older ones and has been in use on the web for many years and is still very popular. This layout is good for medium sized sites 4 - 12 pages. You can have more navigation options visible on page load, than shown in layout-1.

Maximum page hight of 1800 pixels (about 2 screens high)
Layout - 3
Request a pack for 4-Page layout of site.
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Same as layout-2 but with navigation on the right side of page. Adverts in small images or text can also go in these navigation areas allowing an advert or link to a resource to show on every page when its loaded.

Maximum page hight of 1800 pixels (about 2 screens high)
website layout
Layout-4: Fluid page 2000 pixels high

This layout has navigation at the top and is a continous very tall page that scrolls up and down. Each section has a button to jump to top of page, allowing visitors to quickly get back to the navigation menu.

Your own layout design

If don't want any of the above and have your own idea of layout then thats fine, we can build any type of layout and will advise you of any issues that may effect performence, either on desktops or mobile devices.

As we include responsive design as a normal part of our services we will work with you on your own layout design to make sure it looks good on any screen size from desktop to mobile phones and tablets.
Title and Header sections
Images, background image text banners, social media links (icons) and much more can go in this section, even a short frame video as the background.

Top Navigation bar
This section holds the sites links to all your pages and is present on every page. you can drop down menus, icons by each menu item and verious backgrounds and animation effects. what ever it takes to make the menu seamlessly part of your company image, we can do it.

Left / Right Navigation areas
These can be as long as the page and have images or text links or a menu system. Side navigation areas allow for more links and navigation options to be visible on page load than a top navigation would allow.

Responsive Design
This means the website will auto detect what screen size it is being viewed on and adjust itslef to display content in an organized clean way, that does'nt break the sites performence and usability. All our website builds are of a responsive design. If you design or think out your own website layout we do our best to accomadate you whilst also maintaining the sites responsive ability.
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