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Protect your internet identity

By P.Hopkins (1 of 2)


Most of the viruses, trojans, and malware these days, are after your Identity, and most anti virus software helps, but this software can't cover you as a person. Here we help Desktop Enhancementsyou get wiser to the pit falls of the web, giving you protection via knowledge.


Your internet identity can lead to your real-and-usable identity...


The first port of call is your windows operating system, and what's installed, and what should be installed. This should be a decent firewall and Anti virus software,. This software should include a pop-up blocker, but if not the google tool bar has one and IE8 and firefox have settings you can configure for pop-up blocking.


Pop-ups whilst on the internet, that is... If your getting pop-ups on your computer about security alerts, asking you to install a tool or go to a site to get one (even when web browsers not running) then you are most likely infected with mal ware or a virus already meaning your identity security is already at risk.


Installing good security software

There are so many security programs out there, what with Anti virus and mal ware and key loggers and malicious websites. So good protection starts with the following applications being installed if not already.



Most people are aware of what computer firewall's are, but many are not. Firewall's hide your computer software ports used by the system to network. They also keep track of network permissions for programs allowed or denied by you. Make sure you have a good firewall installed which monitors internet traffic in/out and program permissions.


Commodo is a good firewall with Anti virus as optional, which also allows you to run programs in sand-box mode isolating them from the system until proven safe. But if you have spyBot you may have to remove it as they clash with each other without a more complex approach to their configuration.


Online Armor is another good firewall with comprehensive protection for the internet connection and program permissions. This runs fine along side SpyBot if installed.


Avast! anti virus and firewall all in one has come a long way, representing some very comprehensive protection with good detection results, and very easy to use.


Anti-Virus software

This is very important as trojans install key-loggers to monitor you key presses, and now the most common way of identity theft. Redirecting your web browser to malicious websites is another popular growing trend. You can get infected just by visiting a rouge website.


Commodo and Avast both cover Anti virus as well and are good. Avast offers a paid version the difference is usually less updates and some disabled proactive defense like background scanning of opened files and e-mail. For Anti virus its best to go paid protection.


Avg is also a popular free and paid Anti-virus software suite, but trojans have been known to disable the free version. its easy to use and has a good browser tool bar plug in that checks website url's for known malicious activities.


Full blown commercial packages

These days the fight for supreme protector is between Kasperskay Nortons 2010 onwards and BitDefender. We think Avast! will be up and climbing next year. The thing is, they all change each year when they tinker with what they've got and improving it. So its best to check some independent security sites for reports on who's in the lead for the current year.


Extra security tools

Key-loggers are nasty, when it comes to collection of private information, so surely the best form of defense is prevention. KeyScrambler is free or paid, and scrambles the key strokes before a key logger can record them. So if one gets on your system, all it gets is Mickey mouse talk and no real personal data. It runs as a web browser plug in so when your on the bank site or social sites your key strokes are safe.


PeerGuardian from phenix-Labs monitors what web gates and internet routers your computer uses to send and receive data across the internet. It blocks your traffic from known routers and gateways that record their traffic movement.


The last port of call, is you! and how you should conduct yourself on the internet. It's often refereed to, as having netiket or being net-wise.



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