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Setting up router WAP2 security

How to setup your router

Setting up WAP2 security using 128bit encryption


Getting the routers security right is very important, as it stops outsiders from parking near your location and using your router to connect to your internet connection and using your internet bandwidth. If a person use's your internet connection to commit fraud or hack another system you will be tied in with any investigations by the police.


Ok, whilst logged into your router select wireless from the menu and then select security or encryption.


2.  Select  “128-bit WEP” from the drop-down menu.

Wifi Wep security

3. After selecting your WEP encryption mode, you can type in your hex WEP key manually, or you can type in a pass phrase in the “Pass phrase” field and click “Generate” to create a WEP key from the pass phrase.


Write down the pass phrase and generated key (PSK) incase it's needed when setting up your computers to connect to your router.


Click “Apply Changes” to finish.  You must now set all of your computers to match these settings.  A hex (hexadecimal) key is a mixture of numbers and letters from A-F and 0-9. For 128-bit WEP, you need to enter 26 hex keys.


For example:

C3030FAF4BB2C3D44BC3D4E7E4 = 128-bit key



4. Click “Apply Changes” to finish. Encryption in the Router is now set. Each of your computers on your wireless network will now need to be configured with the same security settings.


Most routers these days just want a password which is used to make a key by the router, and easier to work with as you only use that password when setting up other systems to use WIFi.



If you are configuring the Wireless Router or Access Point from a computer with a wireless client, you will need to ensure that security is turned on for this wireless client. If this is not done, you may lose your wireless connection.



Setting up computers to connect to your router using 128bit Wep security

Not very secure and not advised for home networks, and strictly no-go for business networks


The computer networking to router must use the same key as the router. For instance, if your router uses the key 00112233445566778899AABBCC, then the computers card must be set to the exact same key.


Once the router has restarted you may see a 'Networks available' icon or balloon appear in the system tray (by clock bottom right). Right click on the connections icon and select 'Connect to a Network' to see the following dialog.


Windows Wifi connection dialog

After selecting this option windows will open the Wifi connections dialog which looks like following pic bellow.


You should see the name of your router and a signal strength indicator next to it which should have full bars showing.


You should also see a paddock icon by your routers entry or at least some indication the router is secured.

Make sure your router is selected windows router list dialog

then click on the 'Connect' button bottom right. Yes i know ours is saying disconnect ignore that..


After clicking on 'Connect' you should sea system dialog asking for security type and key.


The security type may be auto selected and the dialog may ask for the key or the pass phrase used to generate it.


If there is an encryption type option, make sure its set to 128bit.


Sometimes windows connection management is replaced by the ISP's preferred connection tools or wizards, but if you make sure the mentioned settings are correct you should have no problems using the internet through your router.


When PCpetes installs or configures a network, ethernet cables is preferred, as most Wifi these days can be hacked by those who have the skills and knowledge, which can be freely obtained from youtube and other websites out there.


Google the internet for 'hacking Wifi'. It is possible to hack a wifi connection in about 45 minutes. Imagine someone parking outside you're house and using your router to download movies. who gets in trouble? the hacker can't be traced..But your router can..!!!


To beat this.. learn about using MAC Address connections with routers which only allows devices to connect if their mac address is stored in the routers settings. Every devices mac address is unique and can only have 1 instance of a connection. This means no one can access your router unless they have physical access to the router, to either setup their mac address or use a cabled connection.


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