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IPConfig Gateway and MAC address settings four routers

How to setup your router

Setting up the gateway address and finding MAC address



Setting up gateway address.


If you cant access the internet, you may need to renew the gateway address for your computers network card settings. the routers gateway and desktop gateway address should be the same. Your network cards gateway address may still be set to an old routers or modems address (Gateway settings are IP addresses).


To make sure this is correct, do the following.


click start menu then type CMD into the search box or run box.

VIsta / Win 7:

Type cmd into search box on windows menu (orb), when cmd appears in top list right click it and select 'Run as Administrator'. Answer 'Yes' to windows UAC dialogs.


When the Command window opens type IPCONFIG /ALL and press enter..


Your command line window should look like this one.

command line window


If you just want the mac address, its listed as physical address in the ipconfig /all displayed settings. in the above example my mac address is 00-1B-38-EE-02-7B for the last network card shown, which is ethernet. Wifi cards have their own mac address.


Setting up gateway address...

If the router and your computer both have the same gateway address, you don't need to change it,and can skip this part...


My routers IP address is (for this lesson). Notice the line starting with

Default Gateway............:

this is the ip Gateway address the network card or wifi card is set to. We will now use a new command to release the current IP settings from the network card/s ready for new ones that match the router.


We don't need to find this address, the system will do it for us. In the command window type the following command ipconfig /release and press enter.


The network settings are now wiped.... Now type ipconfig /renew and press enter.


Now type ipconfig /all to view the new settings and verify that the router and network card have the same gateway address.


If they do, well done... you can now go back and finish the other steps..


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