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Configuring an ADSL router

By P. Hopkins


Setting up your internet connection from your internet service provider can have its hurdles, even when they supply a setup disc, but here we try to simplify the process for you.


Using ADSL connections means the router must have the User account name and password set in its configuration. All other settings are the same as a cable connected router where the cable comes into the house and connects to a modem and your WiFi router connects to the modem and not the phone line like an ADSL router does.


Firstly you need a network cable plugged into the router port .1. and then into your computer. Plug the phone cable in to router and switch it on. When ready open your web browser and enter the routers IP address into the address bar of web browser.


Not all manufactures use the same IP address with their routers but one of the following should work. or or or


When browser connects to router you will be prompted for user name and password. This is for logging in to the router and not for actually connecting to your ISP. There is normally information about router-login details in the routers instruction sheet or book.


Often the log-in details are User:Admin Pass:Admin and sometimes blank password or actual word 'password' and/or user. It may be written on bottom of router or in its manual. It may also be User:user Password:user


Try this website for a list of passwords. If the links dead google for router default passwords. http://www.routerpasswords.com/ (opens in new tab)


If you are presented with the 'Setup Wizard' select 'No.  I want to configure The Router myself.' and click 'Next'.

Once you are logged in click Basic Settings.

You will see a screen similar to the one below:

ADSL setup


On this screen you should setup the router as follows:

Option to Require A Login: set to Yes

Encapsulation: set to PPPoE or PPPoA If you don't have this setting handy you will have to try each one.

Login: This should be the username and password provided by your internet service provider.
They are case sensitive.

Idle Timeout: 0


Internet IP Address: Get Dynamically from ISP
Domain Name Server (DNS) Address: Get Automatically From ISP

Once these settings are entered scroll down and click Apply


Now look on the navigation menu for an option such as ADSL settings or config. Click it and you should see a dialog similar to the following. (Not all routers do it this way)


adsl peramaters

On this screen you should have the following settings:


Multiplexing Method:


VPI: 0
VCI: 38


Click Apply.


The settings should now be saved and the Router will establish the Internet connection after approx 1 minute.


OK, that's the ADSL part done but you still need to setup the WiFi part of the router. This is covered in another article for
WiFi router setups the settings still apply to ADSL routers.


PCP hopes this article helped you to setup your internet connection. IF not and your local to Yate Bristol give PCpetes a Call for an extremely competitive broadband setup service.


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