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Your Data and PCpetes...

What we do with your data

Your data is anything about you stored in system records or handled by us.

All businesses must keep records of their work for financial and legal reasons. Some of this data consists of financial movements between customers or clients.


From this point on 'Owner/s' refers to the business and members of PCpetes.


Customer information and data

  1. The owner keeps all customer payment details for 5 years as required by inland revenue.
  2. Any information about you will NEVER be shared with any other services or organization.
  3. The systems used to store records have no network or internet abilities and so are independent, stand alone and only accessible by the owner.
  4. You can request at anytime for your contact information (apart from financial) to be removed from owners databases and owner will abide where legal requirements allow.
    1. If you request data removal within a 3 month period of service the owner cant honour work guarantees and tracing parts for your work will be harder and may result in no guarantee on service supplied or work done.
  5. The owner abides by the Data Protection Act. You can google for this and many sites will give you information freely on what the act consists of.
  6. Any calls received by us requesting information on previous work by a customer will not be discussed unless the caller can quote invoice number and dates, or ref numbers.
    1. If you can not supply this information you will need to visit us with proof of identity and we will then assist you in any way we can. This is because PCpetes deals with other sensitive client data and strict practices are in force.
  7. Any systems we use in the transfer or backup or recovery of your data are wiped clean afterwards.
    1. Only one person deals with data recovery work and treats your data with complete confidentiality.
    2. Any storage devices that undergo data recovery due to drive failing are data hashed before disposal.
    3. For a small fee you may request the storage device be desecrated beyond recovery by PCpetes destroying the surface of the data discs inside the drive beyond recovery or readability.
  8. PCpetes reserves the right to update and amend these policies at any time.

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