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When working with electronics, it's not always a quick fix, and often means a lengthily process of component replacing
and testing.


We often get customers asking to fix it while they wait, or do it the same day, or keep calling every day, It could be that they've traveled long distance or have a screaming kid demanding their console is repaired so he/she can get gaming..!


But the truth of the matter is,,, Your repair is in amongst others who all want it done as quickly as possible.


Many repairs require full attention to fix, but what we do is move from 3-4 fixes on the go at the same time.


We keep other repairs that req a shorter time span moving through the workshop whilst also hopping back and forth from the more difficult repairs.


This means we don't guarantee a fix time or giving you 100% of our time, because we are not being paid buy the hour, we are paid per-repair completed.


Not one repair shop anywhere will state otherwise and not suffer for it....


So... We share the time in each day going between multiple repairs, completing some and moving others forward, keeping the over-all work-flow moving forward.



Games Consoles

If you're repair is a games console under going BGA solder rework, then it can take a very long time to achieve a result of either working or deemed not worth while continuing. This is because solder work on chips is a very delicate and lengthily process for each chip we do.


The motherboards are put on machines that run a computerised heat profile to gently heat the board to 228c for removing chips and 190c for re attaching them after they have undergone another lengthily process of reballing chip with new solder.


We simply can not rush chip bga soldering work because it is a controlled process with many stages. This applies to each chip we decide to re solder so one chip can take up to 3 hours. There are 11 chips on an Xbox slim and 13 on a PS4, that fall under this scenario. We don't give 100% of our time to this type of work load, we spread it out so the shorter timed repairs keep moving.


Its not possible to instantly find the chip at fault, the only why is to read error codes that give us a rough idea, but we still have to work a chip, then reassemble and test until it starts to work, then disassemble to work on another chip if still not working..


It has been known for xbox and PS4 repairs to go over 2-3 weeks especially when it gets complicated requiring many delicate procedures on various chips. Most of the time we get it right after 2 - 4 attempts (2-3 days), going through the most common chips for current issues.


On top of all this,, we sometimes decide to replace a chip after its been re soldered, if its found to be the culprit,, because some chips are temporarily brought back to life by the heat used,,


The best fixes are those done with care and attention to detail, with quality workmanship in a relaxed environment.


Rushing or being pushed to rush often means corners are cut and quality of work drops.


How would you like the process to go????




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