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Local to Yate, Bristol.
Call within hours only.


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fantastic service and value

Full system and hardware service

Desktop or laptop.... Full service normally takes 3-4 days

full service

Getting your computer back in shape and stable again with this comprehensive full service offering a 22 point check and advisory sheet. excellent value!


Desktop Full Service Price: £35.00 Fixed price


Laptop Full Service Price: £35.00 Fixed price


This service does not cover Hardware replacement

Its recommended you get your computer serviced once a year.


What are the benefits of a computer Full Service?


1-All windows updates checked

2-All drivers updated where possible

3-Anti virus software and security check

4-Web browser security check and corrections

5-System registry cleaned and optimised

6-Hard drive de fragmented and optimised

7-Hard drive health check

8-Deep scan for root kit viruses

9-FULL Internal and External Valet

10 - Four most popular applications used
checked for security and updates

11-Power supply tested

12-Malicious bogus software check

13-Tempreture check and fans replaced if needed *

14-CPU heat-sink and thermal paste reconditioned

15-Usb slots checked and straightened or replaced if needed *

16-Dvd/cd drives cleaned

17- Temp un-used files removed

18-Memory tested

19-Multi platform deep virus scan(6 diff approaches)

20-Firewall application reviewed and amended for best protection and performance.

21-Full security evaluation; testing for conflicts in all protection software and tools installed. Improving security by adding any valid beneficial software tools or configurations on existing setup.

22-System registry carefully checked for invalid and redundant entries and known malicious entries.



Mon - Fri. 9:00-5:30

Sat 09:30 - 3:00

Sun - Closed

Call within hours only.

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020 8432 3242

Head office: London

Based in Bristol




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