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Local to Yate, Bristol.
Call within hours only.


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xbox and Wii repairs

These repairs are guaranteed for 6 months

All parts used carry a 6 month guarantee against defects and not user damage

No fix - No Fee


HDMI port repair: £48

Console will be stripped down and old port removed, and a brand new port fitted and tested. We advise you google for a hdmi port saver cable and use it as it will reduce the risk of damage happening again.

Over heating cutting out: £35

Console may cut-out in mid game play. You may also see an error message on start-up talking about consoles venting and air flow. Fan may start climbing in rev's when you power on just before a shut-off.


Console may still run games but be very noisy with high fan activity.


USB port replacement: £40

Pins may be bent inside port. USB lead wont go in or is very hard to get in and out. USB device (controller, Ext hard drive or game wheel etc ) wont connect to xbox.


Discs not reading or games freezing: £45

Complete drive replaced £56

Usually the Laser is replaced. If that fails to work then the laser shuttle motor is also replaced as they can cause vibration when they wear out.

DVD drive is only replaced if un repairable damage to internal mech, or circuit board failure.


No Wifi ability: £35

All Wifi devices wont connect to xbox one. Console can't see your wifi broadband router connection. Controller wont sync on wireless. Xbox only connects to internet when using a ethernet cable.


If you only have one of above faults, it may be a configuration issue and not hardware fault.




We do not flash xbox dvd drives with any form of custom firmware and are strictly confined to Original Microsoft and manufacture assigned firmware's only.



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Mon - Fri. 9:00-5:30

Sat 09:30 - 3:00

Sun - Closed

Call within hours only.

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020 8432 3242

Head office: London

Based in Bristol




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