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WebWalk Archive of sites from past reviews. Older reviews may have no website, or possibly changed due to redesign or new ownership. Only a very small percentage endure such changes.


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Keep your dates in order and share them with google calendar. Put all you flicker/youtube/MySpace/twitter/facebook and more in one place accessible to all you allow. Learn about all the endangered species in the world in a fantastic collection of material from the bbc and more. Find out if your clever or stupid..



Make friends with a ton of Plasticine sheepish characters. Find out what's really dum on the web, or play some fun games all linked to your windows live ID. Spend time in jail without doing any wrong..Yet!



Learn to do almost anything wi ht howopia the site full of experts from hanging doors to making cocktails. Give your desktop some wicked eye-candy. Find people by name-address-number or same for businesses. Find that animation for a project or presentation or website build.



Get some humor therapy with games to boot and people being stupid. Check out the honda ASIMO robots and how far they have come. Interact with strange hidden secrets. See the never ending picture.



Get you photos and avatar sporting some cool photo effects. Make cool paper airplanes and a helicopter. Experience internet-radio the way it should be. Play with your lego again, its proven to relieve stress.



Get someone to do work for you or offer yourself for anykind of work. Check out a hotelbefore going there. Use a massive job search network. Find out what web browsers support what with HTML-5.


Check all the latest and past movies with gossip to boot. Read a magazine so big you'll need to do it in shifts. Travel the worlds cams from the comfort of your home. Forgive us for running out of time this month.



This month is windows 7 month, with a list of good sites to help you get the best from win 7 and even change how it looks and behaves.


Make your win 7 unique to you with tips on how to change its appearenece. Learn how to speed it up and turn off things you don't use adding to performence.



Get some good advice on using your computer xp-vista-win7-linux. Find the best mobile network for you. Get some good laughs from a site full of it. Play some of the most stupidest games on the web.



Get some good advice on using your computer xp-vista-win7-linux. Find the best mobile network for you. Get some good laughs from a site full of it. Play some of the most stupidest games on the web.



Try a new way of internet socializing. Send someone a greetings card via internet. Design your own covering (skins) for iphone xbox laptop, the lot. Send someone a prank email that will hide the sender.



Send big files to friends all at once, find the right man for the job, fight cyber-crime and get that old app you've been looking for.



Make a widget for most social websites, find the meaning to slang words, learn about linux,view WW2 ariel photos.


Send video messages to friends on twitter and facebook on how films should of ended (spoofs), drag n drop art with shapes, Design your litebite neon signs and put your creations up in lights.



Send cards and more to friends with custom designs, get into bill gates head, view the sea sky and universe, join Aria for really good tech and gadgets and stonking deals.


View worldly sites in 3d, play some web games and submit your own to earn money, listen to rain and relax, find out what your carbon foot print is like.



Plan that big event easily, synchronise all your files in one place, get that free /shareWare with reviews to boot, find that old app your missing or previous version that works better.



View your mood in video style. Learn more about the milk in your coffee. View some Wrangler clothes and throw a bloke around. Protect your emails and web forms with free web-based mail encryption that keeps it from information thieves.



Learn the rubiks cube and be a master. Give your iphone some killer apps and functionality. Be the best cook on your block with access to over 30k of recipes. Find out what's on tv in a big way and catch-up on all the tv star gossip and get interactive with channel media content.



fight for your servival in space corporate action blasting fun in a graphically rich environment, all within your web browser. Give your desktop a new lease of life with widgets, luanch aids and much more. Get the right info with tips a guides to many things done on computers for macs and windows. Join a music minded social web comunitiy and build your own page and share it with others.



Get custom search results on the web, see into the future and learn about new innovations. Keep up with movies and gossip in the sc fi world. put an end to misconceived beliefs and get the truth. Find out about the latest incredible things to be made designed and in development. Some really good sites for this month, to put you in a real knowledgeable state.



Now christmas is closing in, we're covering related sites this month. Play christmas games, or find that special gift. Send out e-cards to friends. Go to the north-pole to see how santa lives.



Keep up with spots news and views from sports people and players. Find that deal for a mobile with a twist. Find the best netbook for you with tips reviews and good buyers advice. Go usb mad this christmas with some usb christmas gadgets for your pc or laptop.



See alphabet animals and learn about the human body then spend time with simons cat, and mutate some faces in your spare time.



Snaz-up your photos, play with the dog and become a writer, and toys and tools for your usb ports, then travel Vienna without leaving your chair.


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