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Downloads : Clean and carefuly selected programs

Chosen with no adverts or 3rd party installs, or hidden free period.


We maintain this extensive growing list of downloads, choosing only programs that are genuinley useful, not molicious and free from advertising and hidden trial periods.


Select from the catagories bellow to see a list of programs which have everything you need to get the job done without getting in to trouble.



White papers


White Papers and eBooks


Documents as in PDF's and Word format, with tutorials advice and much more. All of these documents are free to read, distribute and add as content as long as the logos and links remain, and you don't use content in sites not suitable for family viewing.

desktop tools


Desktop Tools Utilities


Programs to help with organizing your desktop to work better with files and folder's, Icons and more, plus making it look nice, and managing your programs better.

media tools


Media Tools and Utilities


Programs to author DVD's manage your digital camera and photos, work with sound files play music burn music cd's or work withMP3 files, Music developement and much more.

media tools


Graphics and Video software tools and Utilities


All the recourses you need to work with Video and sound complete with alternatives to iTunes and windows media player.



Desktop Wallpapers or Backdrops


A quality collection of free backgrounds to put on your desktop.


System Utilities and Tools


Programs to help repair and maintain your computer, from internet connections to Hard drive problems, Many system issues can be resolved by using the programs in this section.



Fun to be had here, all of which is free and safe to install. some games are discontinued but still have a full installation and fun factor.










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