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Index of White-Papers

Get some info from our members and other people in the know. Most of these WP's are in pdf format so you will need a pdf reader like 'adobe acrobat' to read them. Some WP's are within site pages and wont need a pdf reader. Most web browsers should open PDF documents for you anyway.

  • white paperComputer Savvy (Basics)

    This paper covers some first hand knowledge in protecting yourself, your system and young family members. It has tips detecting trouble and advice on avoiding it, and the basic software requirements to help prevent and detect security and viral issues.

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  • white paperMy First Web site

    Having a web site for the first time is a move into the unknown for some people, and this paper will bring you a little more up to speed with what to expect and how to do your part.

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  • white paper Google Powers

    Many people think you type a subject into google and it looks for the website you want. That's a basic start, but it can do a great deal more, and your searches can be allot more precise. This White Paper will reveal some of what google can really do.

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  • white paper Setting up a WiFi Cable/ADSL router

    Sometimes routers can be a real pain in the ass, so this document will give you a very strong advantage when faced with having to manually setup a router.

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  • white paper 10 Common windows Problems

    This Paper covers issues such as Memory and File system issues and more. If you have a slow system or buggy windows give this a try.

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  • white paper Backing up your data

    Get some ideas and tips on how to reliably keep backups of your important data what the pit falls may be. Covers external drives to cloud storage with all the pro's and Con's.

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  • white paper Protecting your identity

    we use the internet to manage elements of both our real and internet identities, often without a second thought on how it may be compromised or how our actions and habits effect the issue.

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